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Open Thread: Rays at Jays

Devil Rays face Blue Jays at 7:07 at Sky Dome
Brazelton goes for the Devil Rays. Lets hope the Rays have some fight left in them.

Tale of The Tape

S.P. Times columnist had this to say on the Rays cause:

But the willingness to take on the Red Sox showed us something.
Just as Brazelton's performance did on Thursday.
Just as Eduardo Perez's home run did on Friday.
Just as the comeback against Schilling did on Saturday.
The Rays are far from being able to make a meaningful impact in the American League.
But, this week, they did make a statement.
Lets continue the progress we made against the World Champs. This Blue Jays team has gone thru some changes since we saw them last. One being the offense getting the hitting coach fired. The last time we saw them their pitching was pretty impressive. I don't see that happening again. Its time to take a hold of the road woes and show up with authority. Go Rays!!!