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Opening Day Open Thread : Blue Jays vs DRays

Halladay vs Brazelton at the Trop @ 4:15.

I was at the game in Spring Training when Brazelton was named the opening day starter. All I can say is that upon getting the news he looked for his family in the stands and there was a group hug going on. I heard him utter the words something about California. What I think he was talking about was the year he went from Majors all the way back to single A ball back in 2003 to work on his game.

With Sanchez out, the Devil Rays' projected Opening Day lineup:
LF Carl Crawford
SS Julio Lugo
RF Aubrey Huff
1B Travis Lee
DH Josh Phelps
2B Jorge Cantu
CF Chris Singleton
C Toby Hall
3B Alex Gonzalez

If you have any thought on the game, start chatting away.