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Steroids in Major League Baseball

I think my entry yesterday titled 'Steroid Freak' was kinda harsh. Yes, he was the first MLB player identified, a distinction all of the MLB players would like to avoid. But, like Travis Nelson says, it might of been like just punching the clock to show they are doing something. There are bigger fish to fry, we'll see who turns up next.  

Are you going to try to convince us that Alex Sanchez, generously described as "5'10", 180-lbs", with 4 career home runs, is the only player among the 100+ players tested last month who came up positive? Such an assessment would be doubtful at best, downright preposterous and deceitful at worst. The management of MLB never ceases to amaze me in their underestimation of the intelligence of its own fanbase.

I expect that in actuality, Bud Selig had in his posession something like 6-10 or more "positive" test results, and wanted to set off this timebomb with as little "ka-boom" as possible. Let's see...suspend Bobby Superstar? Bad. Hmmm...Alex Sanchez? Who's he? Nobody. Expendable. A simple casualty of war. Good!