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Jorge "Mongolian Beef" Cantu

The season is quite young. However, people in the national media should soon take notice that a pretty good power hitting middle infielder plays for the Devil Rays. Jorge Cantu hit his second homer today helping the Devil Rays win their first game of the season.  

Baeball Prospectus is the one that tabbed him as a poor mans Soriano. Whatever. Just the fact that he does not have to share time with Alomar is great achievement in itself.

At this pace, Nick Green who also hits from the right hand side might get used to being on the bench. He can always hope for an Alex Gonzalez slump to get some playing time.

For those who ask Jorge what he credits his power from, he says the secret is Mongolian Beef. It is a pregame ritual for him. Lets get the rest of the Devil Rays on this program.