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Game Recap

What can we say about the game. Well, lets talk about the positives first. Jorge Cantu continues to show he belongs. He hits his first jack of the season. Alex Gonzalez in the nine hole had a homer as well. It was good to see Carl get into the hit column.

Huff is in his usual early season slump. Other than Toby Hall who had two walks on the day, no one knows how to take a walk.

In the pitching department, Kazmir came out ok keeping his team in the game. He did not have the strikeouts going, but it was a decent outing for the young southpaw.

Seth Mclung relieved Kazmir and it went horrible for him. He gave up five runs in only 1/3 of an inning giving him an ERA of 135.0 on the season. The game came down to this bad inning.

It was good to see the DRays rally for some runs later in the game.

My thoughts: Seth McClung would do better for his career pitching every fifth day as a starter in Durham. He is tabbed now for the bullpen, but lack of Ks continue, and this outing only strengthens the idea that he needs more innings.