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The game wasn't on TV and I wasn't able to hear much of the radio broadcast so I don't have much to talk about regarding the game yesterday. I did see some pictures though and those alternate green tops look great.

It was another low strikeout game for the Rays starter. Only one in 6.2 innings for Hendrickson, that isn't going to get it done over the course of the season. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the starters have pitched badly at all in the first three games, they've all done pretty well. As the season goes on though some of these low strikeout games are going to result in more balls getting hit harder or falling in. At least there haven't been any control problems yet, that helps a lot.

I don't mean to be redundant but games like last night really make me worry about the Rays not trading Baez while his value was highest this offseason. That performance was vintage Baez, walking two hitters in the ninth but getting out of it. Remember Billy Koch in Chicago? He's a more extreme pitcher than Baez but it's a similar situation, a closer that lived on the edge then had things start to fall about some. Baez isn't going to implode like Koch did in the end but he's a risk to blow several saves this season, mainly due to his control.