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On the road today

Today I head to Greensboro, NC for the annual Swiss American Fantasy Baseball Draft.  This is a NL only keeper league I joined a few years ago. This will be my third draft.  It is auction style. Each roster consists of 10 pitchers, and 14 positional players.
It is auction style, so each team only only gets a team total $260 dollars for the 24 poistions on draft day. I already have 11 spots filled for $183, so most my picks will have to be value picks. My roster as it looks going into draft.

Estrada, Johnny C $10   
Thome, Jim 1B $36               
Utley, Chase 2B $11   
Wright, David 3B $15   
Edmonds, Jim CF $23   
Holliday, Matt $5   
Ledee, Ricky $2           
Benitez, Armando $26   
Bruney, Brian $3   
Gosling, Mike $2
Lawrence, Brian $20   
Ramirez, Horacio $14
Thomson, John SP $16

So, today I will be drafting the following position with only $77 to spend:

4 Pitchers

There is also a reserve roster draft that follows which is the traditional rotation style. I have Capellan, JJ Hardy, and Jeff Baker already filling 3 of the 16 spots.

I wil pick up some ex-Devil Rays at the draft. There are a few out there on some NL Rosters.