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`Shell Schilling' event at the Trop

The good folks of VinceMustGo are sponsoring a `Shell Schilling' event at the Trop. They are giving away two tickets to one of the games. For more details about the event , go here.

By the way, I was listening to a recent game (think Colorado's announcers) where they were discussing the Clemens vs Maddux matchup last week of 300 game winners. They brought up the subject of potential other HOF candidates out of the pool of existing players. When the name of Schilling came up they said he was a step below HOF credentials saying that yes he has been dominant, but does not have the career numbers. Saying that there are some deserving names out there who are not in like Blyleven who are not in.

I would compare Schilling to a Jack Morris. Good pitcher. But does not have HOF numbers. Thats my take, whats yours?