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Gomes Saga

Never have I seen where a young player does well does he get the last place on the bench. Especially, a team in the cellar, one that is supposed to be comitted to a youth movement. But, this is the Rays brain trust.

But knowing it was coming didn't make the news any easier to take. Nor did hearing that the reason he didn't play was that the Rays knew he was going down and didn't think it was fair to play him ahead of others who were staying.

"It's not fair to them, but it's not fair to me," Gomes said. "There are not too many professional baseball players who haven't played in 12 days in the month of May. It's not a fair situation for them nor I. No one really comes out on top. ... This is the season right now and I have to go down to Triple A and I haven't seen live pitching in 12 days.

In other Rays minor league news, Wes Bankston makes his season debut in single A picking up two hits.