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Demotion, Promotion, New Starter


Brazelton has been optioned to Durham so he can keep working as a starter. Fossum gets a chance in the rotation, here's hoping he does well and cements his place there.

Jon Switzer has been recalled from Montgomery to be the second lefty out of the bullpen. He was expected to make it to the majors sometime in 2004 but ended up missing the season with a labrum tear. He has done well so far but I think it's a mistake. I know there isn't much in the way of other relief help in the minors (unless Orvella is promoted now, which wouldn't be as big of a mistake as calling up Switzer but in my opinion shouldn't be done yet until he goes to Triple-A and does well there) but Switzer needs to stay down and continue his comeback. I feel that the Rays are making this move, like having McClung in the major league bullpen, in an attempt to win 71 or 72 games instead of 70 at the expense of what's best for the player. I think Switzer will probably do well but I don't like calling him up, especially to relieve, at this point.