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DRays pace

At this rate, the Devel Rays are on pace to win 60 games.

Well, atleast we have taken the automatic loss out of the equation in Brazelton as he tries to find himself in the minors.

On the season so  far, as predicted it would not take that long for Alex Gonzalez to lose the third base job. When he was signed  I said that we just got our backup SS at a high price.

Alex Sanchez with his bat has been a surprise. However, he has a lack of a glove makes the Rays put him at a position DH/RF makes his value really go away as he takes a spot of a higher offensive caliber player like Phelps/Huff.

I am impressed with the improvements in the offensive game for Toby Hall. He may have finally arrived.

The Rays play good against the high end teams, but get blown out by the Jays and Twins. Its time to take care of business against the lower end teams. So, lets start it off against the Royals who are one fine mess.