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New beginning with pitchers

I predicted an 80 win season for the Rays going into the season.  I said factors that might cause the team to do worse is the pitching not developing. Last I checked the Devil Rays team ERA of 5.86 is last in the American league. Only team worse in all of baseball is the pitching unfriendly Colorado Rockies.

Where does the blame lie? Is it Chuck Hernandez or is the talent level is just not there. Its not just the ERA either. Its the 1.32 K/BB and the .280 BA against. So, not only can we not get the hitters out, we are giving them plenty of opportunities to get on base.

So where do we go from here? Well, finally we have Fossum in the pitching rotation. We have Kazmir who has pitched outstanding on some nights , and shows his youth on other nights. Though, his worst outings look nothing as bad as Dewon's. Doug has looked better lately. Then you add in the two veterans in Nomo, and the least intimidating 6 foot 9 southpaw you will ever see ... Lets take this staff and keep it the same for atleast a while and see how they do. The one thing I do not like is the musical rotation. The bullpen was our strength last year. Lets hope it can get back to where we could depend on it.