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Big Bird vs Kid Zack

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1    Alex Sanchez, RF    Angel Berroa, SS
2    Julio Lugo, SS    David DeJesus, CF
3    Carl Crawford, DH    Tony Graffanino, 1B
4    Aubrey Huff, 1B    Emil Brown, RF
5    Damon Hollins, CF    Matt Diaz, DH
6    Jorge Cantu, 3B    Terrence Long, LF
7    Chris Singleton, LF    Alberto Castillo, C
8    Charles Johnson, C    Mark Teahen, 3B
9    Nick Green, 2B    Joe McEwing, 2B

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Question of Day: Which pitcher would you rather have to build your team around , Scott Kazmir of Zack Greinke?