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Should we of sold High on Huff?

Aubrey Huff's name showed up in a flurry of trade rumors this winter. Huff has put togther a string of terrific seasons in a Devil Rays uniform despite not really having any real protection in the lineup.

With Tino not being signed this winter, that put Huff slated as the everyday first baseman. That all changed when Travis Lee was brought back, with Huff returning to the outfield.

This season is close to 25% over and Huff has a modest 2HR on the year with

.252BA .344OBP .360 SLG

Did we miss a fine opportunity to move Huff when his value was at an all time high? Or is this just a blip on the radar and he has started slowly as always.

I am concerned that Huff not knowing where he might be playing, and for whom has gotten to him.  Let alone the losing can not help. Will he turn it around is the question.

Do we move him back to the infield. Keep him as the regular DH?

The Devil Rays begin this series at a crossroads.  Do we fall further in the cellar with no way out, At what point do we start planning for next year.