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MTSU coach: have not heard from Dewon

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This story is getting stranger by the moment. Lets hope we hear something soon about a Dewon sighting. I witnessed first hand a shook up Brazelton after learning he would be the opening day starter. I attempted to approach him as he was looking into the stands for someone. A few seconds later he found in the stands some friends and family who came to confort him it appeared. As a fan, I realized this is a real sensitive guy. I heard him mentiong something about California. My guess he was talking about the time he went from the Rays rotation all the way back to single A ball, and now his journey had come full circle as he was a part of the rotation. After the exchange, he went and started throwing warm up tosses to get ready for the game. Tennessean

Brazelton usually stays in touch with the MTSU coaching staff, especially associate head coach Jim McGuire. But McGuire said he has not heard from Brazelton since he was demoted.

"I was really hoping to hear from Dewon today, but unfortunately I didn't," McGuire said yesterday.

McGuire said he spoke with Brazelton's Nashville-based agent, Bo McGinnis, last week and knew that Brazelton was being demoted.

"I saw his agent last Wednesday at the Vanderbilt game and he told me Dewon was going to be sent down," McGuire said. "I told him I'd try to get in touch with him over the weekend, but I wasn't able to."

McGinnis did not return a call from The Tennessean yesterday.