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Game Over

That was a pitiful offensive performance, very ugly to watch most of the time. It's beating a dead horse but the Rays lack of plate discipline is just painful to watch at times.

Harper got the "loss" but he did a tremendous job in the 10th inning. Even though he was at fault for the pitch White crushed in the 11th to win the game for the most part he just took it up the butt from his defense tonight.

That triple in the 10th was a two-base hit, plain and simple. Not only did Sanchez make less than a full effort to get over to it quickly, his lack of an arm even remotely suitable for right field made the play close when White shouldn't have even tried to go to third. When he was running I'm sure he was quite aware of who was fielding the ball and his former teammate's lack of arm strength.

Over the last couple weeks we've seen Sanchez playing more right field and DH, it's obvious that Lou has realized (later than everyone else) that Alex Sanchez in center field is a bad thing. However, in his infinite lack of wisdom, the team's bast outfielder continues to play left field. You don't want him to be distracted from his hitting? Guess what....CRAWFORD ISN'T HITTING ANYWAY! Being able to concentrate on his offense obviously hasn't done anything for him, just put him in center field, where he belongs and brings the most value to the table with his glove, and leave him there. His hitting isn't going to be affected by a position change and if he is distracted...well, with the way he has looked at the plate a little distraction might be a good thing.