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At least it didn't take us 11 innings to lose it this time!

If you want to know what I thought of the hitting, go back to the "Game Over" post from yesterday and read what I said about the hitting in that game. It applies just as well to tonight's performance.


I know we all like Waechter and really want him to suceed but he's not showing much right now. He was the victim of significant bad luck/defense tonight but only striking out one of the fifteen hitters he faced just isn't going to get the job done in the majors, not even close. Tonight's performance wasn't real far off his norm this season, his 2005 K% is 10.2, compared to 6.7 tonight. In fact he was better tonight since he didn't walk anyone, something up to this point he had done almost as often as he has struck hitters out. The one good piece of news is that his home run rate appears to be more like that of a normal extreme flyball pitcher so his gopher disaster of last season probably won't be repeated. He needs to get better, and fast.


He wasn't dominating and his control deserted him at times but I liked what I saw. Hopefully that earned him some trust from Lou and he'll slot into Fossum's old role (and Halama's from last year) for now and get some frequent use. He may very well become the best candidate to move into the rotation if someone else kicks themself out; we shall see, it was only one appearance after all.


He looked better tonight, he regained most of his leg lift and started extending his left leg out as he came down on it, like he used to. At least sccording to the TV gun he hit 96 more than once, which is nice, but more important was the way he mixed in his other pitches tonight and kept the hitters off-balance some. Though he needs to be doing that anyway, it's absolutely critical that he does it while his velocity is low, without those last few MPH the fastball alone isn't going to get it done against much of anyone.