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Glad, someone agrees

Mr. Pinto like alot of us in this community can't stand what the DEVIL brain trust is doing with this organization.  Lets have someone else run this team. Nobody could do worse.

Take a look at the Devil Rays lineup today. What a motley collection of poor hitters. They have two people with any ability to get on base, and they're batting 8th and 9th. No one has any power except the 35-year-old journey man first baseman. How can this be?

The Devil Rays have been miserable since their inception. Has there ever been a season in which they didn't have one of the top draft choices? After seven seasons, they should be swimming in talent. Stretches like this for the Mets produced Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry. Stretches like this for the Athletics produced Canseco and McGwire. Where are the Devil Rays superstars? Looking at the hitters in the lineup today makes it abundantly clear how poorly this franchise is managed.