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Lee to the DL

Travis Lee is likely to go on the disabled list with a groin injury. This probably saves the "brain trust" from being idiots and sending down Jonny Gomes when Colome is activated.

There's a pretty obvious solution to this, one I hope Lou recognizes and uses. Gomes has been shaky in the outfield so far, making poor reads and taking bad routes to balls (as opposed to Huff who has poor range but is fundamentally very sound) so he's a good fit for the DH role. Phelps can play first base in the meantime. I know he has a bad reputation there but he looked decent enough in the spring and I'd like to see how he does. It's the least important defensive position on the field anyway, it's not like he's going to be a big downgrade in run prevention from Huff, Perez, or anyone else they might stick there.

This of course means we'll be subjected to Sanchez or Singleton every day but that was going to happen most days anyway and at least this solution ensures a lot of playing time for Phelps and Gomes that Lou might have tried to deny them otherwise.

Speaking of Colome, he threw off the bullpen mound at full velocity in Baltimore with no trouble. As long as he does well in a simulated game this week he should be activated this weekend.