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We'll take Torre, You can have Piniella

Would Lou or Joe pull a Tony Pena?

What will be interesting to watch is whether Lou Piniella in Tampa Bay and Joe Torre with the Yankees are back next year. Both have security, which they have earned. Both could decide, however, the aggravation of their current jobs isn't worth it.

Tampa Bay hasn't spent the money on improving the roster Piniella envisioned when he orchestrated his exit from Seattle

The Fish ripping of Rays offically begins now, and it includes Piniella:
There have been 217 losses in the two-plus seasons since Piniella got to Tampa Bay, and there will be plenty more before he leaves. Ask him about the progress of the grand plan, and he stares back blankly. "I don't know what the grand plan is," Piniella says softly. "I've learned to condition myself here to one game at a time. I can't -- I won't -- allow myself to look out into the future and I don't look into the past. It's tomorrow's ballgame, and that's it. Do the best we can tomorrow."