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A surprising possibility.

In the game wrap tonight a very interesting thing was said.

Looking for answers to the plaguing question of what to do with his starting pitching, Piniella said that he is considering adding long reliever Travis Harper to the rotation.

If that happens I'll give Lou major credit, I didn't expect him to ever see that as a viable solution. I think Harper will do a solid job as a starter, he has a good assortment of pitches and has shown very good control so far this season (0 unintentional walks allowed).

Hopefully this is a sign of Lou being willing to give up on Nomo soon. Though the team around him could have played better tonight by far the biggest reason the Rays lost the game was Nomo. Six runs and a scoreless performance by your bullpen should be enough to win; Lou complains about the state of the starting pitching, if he isn't willing to remove his veteran starter who is obviously the weakest link then his complaints will deserve no more sympathy than him complaining about the offense while Jonny Gomes was benched for over a week. I understand he wanted a veteran guy around but Nomo has had a lot of chances and failed to impress or show any sign of getting significantly better. A change is necessary and I think he does see that this time.