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Toby has arrived

Toby Hall, the one time MVP of the AAA international league is finally fulfilling the promise. I don't see alot of talent in the Rays system in the catching ranks. He is one player I would like to see stick around for a long time. CBS Sportsline had a nice piece on him :

The Devil Rays brought Charles Johnson back to his home state of Florida in hopes that he would resurrect his career.
Instead, his arrival resurrected the batting eye of incumbent backstop Toby Hall.

Since C.J. unpacked his bags after leaving Colorado in early April and got his personal issues behind him, Hall has become a force at the plate as well as behind it.

Since Johnson's first Devil Rays' start on April 14, Hall has hit .337 with three homers and 11 RBI. While he still remains behind the top players at his position, he has certainly emerged as an excellent No. 2 Fantasy catcher in mixed leagues, and a decent No. 1 catcher in AL-only formats.

The Devil Rays continue to bat him late in the order, but he has proven to be a solid hitter in an underrated offense. While much has been made about the slow start of star slugger Aubrey Huff, the team is still one of the top run-producing squads in the American League -- ninth among all major-league teams. They are also third in batting average among all 30 squads as well.

Unfortunately, this team doesn't knock enough runners in. Only three teams in the AL have left more runners on base than Tampa Bay's 298. Once Huff and Co. join Hall and his hitting ways, this offense will produce even more.

Hall has been a strong defensive presence as well, throwing speedster Juan Pierre out twice as well as picking a runner off Friday at the Marlins.

For an entire season, Hall has never hit better than .298, although he is currently hitting .313 through Friday's games.