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Naimoli radio interview

Thanks to Tamparays01 for alerting us to at RaysBB and summarizing an interview with Vince Naimoli on the Montgomery Biscuits radio network.

Here are the highlights of his comments:
  • The Young kids on the Major League team need to learn their jobs. They are losing too many 1 run games. He thinks they should have 21-25 wins already.
  • (This one is my favorite) "Our attendance is not where it should be."
  • You can't buy talent you can only develop it. He said the Yankees are a perfect example of this. He mentioned that they had spent a ton of money but weren't getting results. He said that Boston and New York were getting old and blamed this on their spending ways. He said it looks like the Yankees have no way out since they don't have any talent in the system.
  • He said the Rays have had bad luck. Mentioned that Matt White should be our # 1 starter and Josh Hamilton should be our best ball player.
  • He did say that he thought that they are planning on promoting Jeff Niemann to Montgomery very soon.
I sent the announcer an E-mail asking him to ask him about the ownership change, but he did not.

All I can say is that Naimoli really has no clue.