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Open Thread: A's vs Rays

Its looking more and more like Cantu is going to be a 3B. Kid Kazmir on mound.

  1. M. Kotsay, CF C. Crawford, LF
  2. E. Byrnes, LF J. Lugo, SS
  3. J. Kendall, C D. Hollins, CF
  4. E. Chavez, 3B T. Lee, 1B
  5. B. Kielty, RF J. Phelps, DH
  6. S. Hatteberg, DH J. Cantu, 3B
  7. M. Ellis, 2B A. Sanchez, RF
  8. N. Swisher, 1B T. Hall, C
  9. M. Scutaro, SS N. Green, 2B
Question of the day: Other than the recent trades of Kazmir and Nick Green, not many trades have worked in the Rays favor. Do you have faith in LaMar to get good value this summer in trade sweepstakes?