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5/26 vs. Oakland

Nomo vs. Haren

Crawford LF
Lugo SS
Huff RF
Lee 1B
Phelps DH
Cantu 3B
Hollins CF
Johnson C
Green 2B

What did the offensive outburst last night do for the Rays?

Before 5/25 After 5/25
AVG .280 .283
OBP .335 .338
SLG .409 .419
EqA .264 .275
EqRuns 205.1 230.05

EqA and EqRuns are Baseball Prospectus stats, Equivalent Average and Equivalent Runs. They're ajusted for park effects.

I believe the Rays were around 10th in the majors in offense yesterday, ranked by EqA. They're now tied with Texas for 5th.