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Nomo gets it done

For once after a Nomo start where he gives up a low number of runs I can agree with everyone that says he did really well. He seemed to be getting lucky at first, struggling with his control and getting a lot of balls hit hard off of him, but the defense came to play and bailed him out. Later in the game he was excellent until the Scutaro homer but even that couldn't diminsh what a good start it was.

Will he maintain this strikeout an inning, low walk ability against better offenses? That's questionable but he has the first part right, performing well against the weak opponent, so maybe he'll turn himself into something at least useful this season.

Weak game for the Rays offense but Haren is a good pitcher, he just hasn't performed like one yet this year. They scored the runs they needed to win, so let's be happy about that and worry about the rest later.