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Should have been better

Any effect from the walkout went completely unnoticed on the TV broadcast, nothing was heard or seen in the stands when people were supposed to be chanting and walking out/in.

Fossum obviously didn't have his best stuff today: he wasn't making as many hitters miss, his control wasn't sharp at all, and there were a lot of line drives and long flies. Despite all that he did a great job, seven strong innings with 2/3 of the damage coming in a shaky 2nd where he was absolutely hosed on an abysmal HBP call when facing Beltre, who has been a fairly easy out this season. The home plate umpire completely blew that, not only did he miss the call but he didn't even check the ball for shoe polish, something the ump should ALWAYS do on a play like that when it's in dispute.

Colome was inconsistent with his velocity and had some pitches miss badly but he looks like he's getting back to normal. That's a huge boost to the bullpen.

Eddie Guardado, the Mariner's closer, is a lefty. The Rays had three right-handers (four if you count Johnson, who has no business pinch-hitting) on the bench: Cantu, Perez, and Hollins. The Rays needed to have one of them available in the 9th in case Lee came up (which he did). Instead, Lou used both Hollins and Perez in Sanchez's place. I know Perez is the best pinch-hitting option and it was an important situation but Hollins has been hitting well (recent performance being something Lou tends to put a lot of stock in) so I can't understand using up the bench that fast.