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Rome was right

Don't you need need fans to have a Devil Rays fan club. The fact that the minor league team outdraws the MLB team is evidence enough that what the ownership in Tampa is a failure. The event of Saturday of course went off, and was relatively invisible. But, the media coverage that it generated proves the cause is worthy.

LaRussa on piniella:  

The Triple-A Durham Bulls outdrew the Rays Thursday (9,248-8,847) and Friday (10,361-10,130). ... Want to guess at Rocco Baldelli's return to the Rays lineup? Take July 7 in the pool. ... With starter Chris Seddon promoted to Triple-A, reliever Chad Orvella should be next. And how much longer can they keep Delmon Young, who it hitting .343 with 40 RBIs in 45 games, at Double-A? ...