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Good pitching!

The Rays gave up six runs but received one of their better overall pitching performances of the season.

Real Run Averages from last night:

Kazmir: 4.50
Harper: 13.50
Baez: 0.00

Team: 6.00

DIPS ERAs (defense independent ERA, derived from walks, strikeouts, and home runs) from last night:

Kazmir: 1.73
Harper: 3.63
Baez: 0.00

Team: 1.85

So based off the pitching alone the Rays probably should have only given up two runs. Kazmir and Baez were awesome and Harper was really hurt by defense (including his own). The defense was pretty bad, Hollins and Sanchez blew catches in the outfield, Cantu booted a tough grounder, Harper threw a ball away, and Green looked like crap once again at 3rd though I don't think his defense came into play for any of the runs that scored. Argh!

Yankee Moves

Thanks to Bernie Williams' inability to field Hideki Matsui will shift over the center and prospect Robinson Cano will take over at second base. This means that Tony Womack will move to left field.

Tony Womack is now the left fielder for the New York Yankees.

You can't make this stuff up.