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Gee, I'm so insulted

Steve Duemig today:

You'd have to be dumb to bash Lou Piniella.

Well, I guess that makes me dumb then. Same goes for a bunch of other people in the internet community, all of whom I can guarantee are more truly interested in the Rays than Duemig is and spend far more time looking and thinking about stuff to get a better understanding of baseball in general and the Rays in particular.

Duemig's rant today about how nothing is Piniella's fault and he's doing the best he can deserves to be belittled and mocked. I won't do it though because doing that to someone just because I strongly disagree with them would lower me to the level of.....Steve Duemig.

It's not fair to pick on just him though, most radio hosts are like that, particularly in sports radio. They have the power to cut you off at any time and then say whatever they want without you being able to respond so anyone that calls in and tries to make a point completely contrary to what the host thinks is at a big disadvantage. Sure, most of them are willing to be disagreed with but if they think you're way off base or don't like the way you say it then you're toast. If I started deleting comments of people that disagreed with me or mocking them then I would piss everybody off and nobody would read me, and rightfully so. I have no right to treat people like that and they're well within their rights to disagree and make it known, in fact I encourage them to respond and tell me why I'm wrong.

Steve, Ron, Ian...keep living in your dream world where you can completely IGNORE blatantly obvious issues with the way Lou does things. Thankfully for those of us that want to talk about the Rays this is the internet age, we no longer have to depend on newspapers and talk radio for all our discussion, news, and analysis. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by a number of great writers, posters, and readers here and at and the board. It's sad how awful the local radio hosts are when it comes to baseball but luckily we don't need them if we want to discuss our favorite team in an open forum.