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Obligatory small sample size warning

With both WDAE radio shows talking about how "the team is hopeless, the players don't look like they care, this team isn't getting any better, there isn't any reason to be optimistic," I thought it was a good time to bring out this reminder.

It's the beginning of May!

Look across the leaderboards and standings, you'll find all kinds of things that you know won't continue the whole season. It's still really early in the season and a lot of players are playing better or worse than they will over the course of the full season. Yeah, it looks like crap now but do you believe this is a .308 team? Of course not! We don't know yet if it will be a .434 team like last year but it's obviously better than this. Things will get better, the pitching will settle down some and return to normal levels of mediocrity, the offense will be steady but weak, it's the same as it was last season.

Things are magnified so much because it's the beginning of the season and this is the only data we have to go on. Can you imagine how insane it would have been if the Rays started last season 30-10? They didn't though, they went 30-10 during the summer so it was merely an interesting event instead of something crazy. I'm not saying they'll have a period of such great success again but there will be some hot streaks and times where the team looks great. It will all balance out and personally I'm still sure that this team will win 70 or more games this season. It's what I thought at the beginning of the season and there is no way that I'm going to let a bad month or even a month and a half change that.