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Open Thread: Yankees at Rays

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Devil Rays face Yankee's at 7:15 at Trop
Doug Waechter faces the Old Man Kevin Brown. The Rays are hoping to break out of the funk they have been in. Doug pitched much better in his last outing. It was two years ago Doug looked like the real deal in his late season debut. Lets hope he continues to improve.

Tale of The Tape

1. D. Jeter, SS A. Sanchez, RF
2. T. Womack, LF J. Lugo, SS
3. G. Sheffield, RF C. Crawford, LF
4. H. Matsui, CF A. Huff, 1B
5. A. Rodriguez, 3B J. Phelps, DH
6. J. Giambi, DH D. Hollins, CF
7. J. Posada, C N. Green, 2B
8. T. Martinez, 1B T. Hall, C
9. R. Cano, 2B A. Gonzalez, 3B

Follow along with the game online