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Long game, bad loss

First off I'd like to congratulate the Rays online fan base. Game threads on here don't get much activity but tonight's surpassed 50 comments, far more than have ever been on a thread here. Over at we blew past the offseason free agent thread for most replies, over 650 right now. It was a night of great accomplishments for the online community, too bad the team fell short of any sort of accomplishment.

Anyone else think that Orvella might be the most reliable pitcher in the bullpen right now? I understand that Baez was a little tired but he hasn't been all that sharp so far this season, walking more than normal even for him. Everyone else is shaky right now for various reason. Harper and Colome might still be hurt somewhat, Carter doesn't strike guys out much, Miller is getting killed by lefties, and McClung has been terrible.