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United States of Baseball

I was recently alerted to a site called "United States of Baseball." In the author's words:

The 'United States' brings a contrarian's perspective on the state of the game, one with a special focus on baseball’s often overlooked and/or misunderstood strengths. The site's archives feature daily pieces from my local newspaper column, ranging in subject from the steroids controversy to the business of baseball. The overall emphasis is on issues that matter in greater Tampa Bay and everywhere fans care about our National Pastime.

He pointed out a recent article called Lou's Loser. Although I don't share his completely positive view on Piniella it is a very good read and he is of course correct that Naimoli is the real problem here and Lamar has screwed up a lot too.

I get on Piniella all the time (too much, I know) but it's only because there isn't much more to be said about Lamar and Naimoli and it's a daily thing with Piniella, always doing things that I don't like. I don't believe that Piniella is helping this team really but he's not the problem, the upper management is. This team will succeed or fail based on what Lamar and Naimoli (or their successors) do, whether Piniella is here or not.