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Delmon: up to 11 stolen bases


1. Delmon Young- OF- Tampa Bay Devil Rays (AA)

It was going to take a lot for Delmon to lose his spot atop my list, as I truly believe this is one of the game's next superstars. Tampa Bay was aggressive with their former top choice, moving the 20-year-old to AA to start the season. Young has taken the transition well, and is also walking and stealing bases at better levels than last season. He still has things to work on, like less strikeouts and more consistent power, but this is a kid that should factor into the Devil Rays 2006 plans. Tampa Bay has a number of things to do soon, such as deciding where B.J. Upton factors into future plans. What they do know, however, is that Carl Crawford and Delmon Young will be their corner outfielders for quite some time.

April Numbers: 24/85 (.282), 10/24 (.364), 1-1-4 (.459); 9/11

I can't wait for Delmon and what he brings to the table as part of the existing mix. Obviously, Rocco takes the CF position. Then we have alot of extra pieces of the puzzle in

- Huff
- Sanchez
- Gomes
- Gathwright

Where do these guys fit in long term? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.