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June Sweepstakes

Vince vs George

Of course, the idea of Piniella joining the Yankees is far easier to pull off in print than in reality. The Rays have Piniella under contract through 2006, and the antipathy between Steinbrenner and Naimoli could be detriments to brokering a deal to free Piniella.

He started his managing career in "Pin Stripes". Depends if Lou thinks he has a chance here.

Topkin Bits:

The Rays will at least consider offers for Aubrey Huff and Danys Baez but probably not until mid June. They'll seek to get back elite, Scott Kazmir-type, near-ready prospects.

Like I alluded to the other day, with Baldelli and Young arriving mid summer, Huff really does not have a position. The sweepstakes are just beginning...

Top draft pick Jeff Niemann should be promoted soon to Double-A Montgomery and could join the Rays by midsummer.

Kazmir got a look and so will Niemann.

Boggs' view is he was ready, willing and able to keep playing after the 1999 season. But the Rays decided he was done at age 41, and he didn't want to go anywhere else.

I don't believe a word the Rays front office says. However, didn't Boggs join the coaching staff. How disapointed could he have been. Interesting that this stuff is coming out now.