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5/9 vs. White Sox

Nomo (7.04 ERA, 30.2 IP, 15 K, 16 BB, 7 HR) vs. Garcia (2.83 ERA, 41.1 IP, 23 K, 11 BB, 3 HR)

At some point the White Sox pitching staff has to come back to earth (though their offense is due for some improvement which could balance it out some) but who knows when it will actually happen.

Sanchez DH
Lugo SS
Crawford LF
Huff 1B
Green 2B
Hollins CF
Singleton RF
Hall C
Cantu 3B

I'd call Sanchez a completely illogical pick for the DH spot but since that position is often used for hitters with significant defensive liabilities it kinda makes sense. The obvious problem though is that Sanchez is far from the kind of hitter you want in that spot.

Cantu is banished to 9th, looking up at the trio of greatness that is Hall, Singleton, and Hollins. Gomes continues to not exist. Phelps gets a night off just for the hell of it. Maybe he's tired from....well, he doesn't play the field so I don't know what he'd need a day off from. I know he has been struggling some (and really needs to stop swinging at everything) but on any given day I'd still much rather have him in the lineup than Sanchez, Singleton, Hollins, or Green.