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Two good choices

Aubrey Huff, a man without a long term position for the Rays, will likely be available this summer. It seems the Rays would need to get an offensive minded MLB ready first baseman  in return. The Huff / Delmon Young dilemma facing the Rays is similar to the Overbay / Fielder situation for the Brewers.


The Brewers face an interesting situation when Prince Fielder is ready to come up, perhaps this September. Lyle Overbay is established as a premium first baseman (a 1.139 OPS a month into this season) who will likely be available in what would have to be a major trade, since Overbay won't be arbitration-eligible until after next season.

Rosenthal thinks the Rays could be one who joins the Fielder sweepstakes should he become available

But Fielder, who will turn 21 in May, might be better suited to the American League, where he also could serve as a DH. The Devil Rays and A's both could use a young first baseman, as could the Pirates in the N.L. . .