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Some Future Rays Scouting

Looks like the Devil Rays AAA Manager Evers is not a bad guy to have around these young players. Evidence is Gathwright's recent burst in his plate discipline. It is surprising to me that is happening considering the batting coach in Durham is Richie Hebner. A fine major leaguer in his time, but as a coach I am not sold.

Not sure what to make about Upton's defense. As long as his mental thing going on with his defense does not affect his bat, keep him out there at SS.

Minor League Ball

Joey Gathright. Before the game, I noticed he has 13 walks in 70 at-bats --  right about double his career walk rate. Gotta be a fluke, I thought. But today, at least, he really looked like the patient leadoff hitter you'd want.

Bill Evers came out twice to argue, once after it happened, again after a three-run homer broke the inning open. Upton just stared and shook his head a lot; Evers clearly looked like he was in back-my-star-player's-fragile-ego mode.