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How bad will Gaudin loss hurt organization

It might of been nice having the young Scott Kazmir teamed with Gaudin as focal points in the starting rotation for years to come. Instead we are stuck with Kevin Cash. Gaudin made his Toronto debut last night as a winner with 6Ks and 2BBs on the night.

After the months that have gone by since this trade went down, I'd still like to know who ordered this trade. Someone please explain the logic involved in making this deal. What did it hope to accomplish?

This is a case of a player being rushed to the big leagues. I hope it is a lesson we can learn by. Lets hope nothing like this ever happens again. Mets miss having Kazmir, the Rays I would hope would like to have this guy back.  

The damage is done. Thats one deal you could never have back.

I have serious doubts overall with Chuck Hernandez. What player has he ever developed on his watch? Daniel Cabrera of the O's is one improving pitcher, who is ours?

The pitchers are not devloping. We have gotten rid of most the head cases, I am calling for some improvemnt from this point on.

Otherwise, I will be calling for the removal of Chuck & Chuck!