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Poetic Review

It has been a while since I've inflicted baseball haiku on anyone. Appropriate since Nomo pitched last night, that ends today with a review of everyone's performance in last night's game.

Lou was not at fault
The right decisons were made
the team is to blame

Hernandez stays put
while Nomo gives up six
Do your job next time

Of Japanese things
Nomo's pitching may even be
worse than my haikus

McClung has no chance
Majors not the place for him
Bad pictures of Lou?

Chad can pitch quite well
Maybe we should get six more
Throw out the others

Fifteen million
can't buy some patience for Carl
Maybe should bat ninth

Lugo does nothing
could have been help on defense
but needs longer arms

No homer Travis
Fields like a gold glove shortstop
hits like one as well

Power like The Hulk
Too busy attacking flies
Josh goes oh for three

Greatest Ray ever
Huff hits the ball hard but fails
Maybe a good sign

The two single man
Cantu scores the one Ray run
Thanks Kielty's bad route

Sanchez muffs a catch
All part of his master plan
Gets assist at home

Slow as a grandma
Toby gets a hit last night
More than others did

The ladies' heartthrob
Mr. Green didn't do it
at bat or in Clue

Perez faces Dan
He's a platoon player but
still shows up Crawford

Hollins plays defense
in place of Huff; maybe he
should have hit for him

Feel free to heckle me if I got the syllables wrong anywhere.