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There is losing, and then there is...

Sucking. The Yankees this year have put together on paper what is an array of all-stars. However, in 2005 they are a losing team. The Rays have always sucked in their existence. Vince does not have a problem with having the Devil Rays suck. Lou is not used to losing. The Cubs have sucked for years as well. The Red Sox have fielded competitive teams for a while. Prior to 2004, they always had this image of a losing franchise.  

Our bullpen sucks. It is responsible for us losing the past few games.  But in reality, what do you expect. Putting together this collection of free agent players who other teams thought that sucked and had no interest in them, and combining them with a few of our younger players does not produce a winning formula.

The Rays are getting exactly what they wanted out of this season. They wanted to suck to give the younger players time to develop so that we would not suck for the years 2007 and beyond. The up and coming players do not like to lose, so hopefully their desire will overcome the managements desire to continue to suck.