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Weeks vs Delmon revisited

With today's trade of Mr. Spivey to the Nationals today, it appears as if Ricky Weeks is headed to the majors very shortly. At the time of the draft two years ago, we just about were locked on Weeks until a few weeks before the draft.  In the last week, there was a change to Delmon's camp. Had it not been for the pre draft workout offensive fireworks put up by Young, we might of had a middle infield duo of Weeks and Upton.

It was surprising that the Rays made this decision considering the amount of outfield prospects we had in the system and the chance to get some nice offense out of a middle infield position.  

Had they of picked Weeks, Upton and Weeks might of played together as a double play combination in minors and arrived together in majors.

Do you still like this pick?


320 BA, 12 homers, 48 RBI, 43 runs and 10 stolen bases in Triple-A.  

336 BA, 13 homers, 53 RBI, 41 runs and 21 stolen bases in Double-A.