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War of Words

Chuck will address Lou's latest venting before todays game.

As expected, he will say that Lou knew the financial constraints when he took the job. However, I will give Lou this. After year one alot of payroll freeing up with the Grieve and Vaughn contracts coming off the books. It is possible that Lou thought the Rays would follow up with adding more money on top of that to make the Rays competitive. It has not happened.

Then, we have our managing general partner who has no clue. He goes on the record this spring saying Rays will have their best season yet after doing nothing this offseason to help the product on the field. Vince on the 2005 season:

"Naimoli said that his anticipation for the upcoming season is greater than for any season in the team's history.

"Our young players are finally maturing, and it's been a long road," he said. "They're older, and they're growing up."

Lou on 2005 season:

"Look, no matter what you want to say about George, he's committed to winning," said Piniella, leaving unsaid that there is no such commitment from Devil Rays ownership.

David on 2005 season:

I feel as if something happened this spring. At first it was like Ok Niemann starts at AA, Orvella at AAA... Then in the next moment their was a change in philosphy where it appeared the organization finally realized that they were moving their players to quickly through the organization. The results were Niemann to A ball, Orvella to AA, Gomes and Gathwright down to Durham, Upton a full year at AAA. Seems the direction had changed. I guess Lou did not get the memo. It seems this change in direction has the new ownership's finger prints all over it. Its a smart move considering the plan (or lack of one) has not worked the past ten years.