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Mailbag question

I recieved this mailbag question:
I'm an avid Rays fan, living in Boston of all places. My question is this: How much money is the Rays owner making, say, in comparison to the Red Sox owners? How much does he receive in revenue sharing per year. I know he isn't spending it and I'm curious if you know the amounts. Thanks for your help. Robert

Here is the Devil Rays profit figure of about 27 million last year which was one of the highest in all of baseball. They spent 35 million on payroll for this season. The Red Sox lost -11.3 million. Owning a team is more about giving a city a team to root for, not so much for making a profit. Rays ownership to date takes another approach. You can click on the links to see how the other teams compare on profit and on payroll.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Income Earnings:
$27.2 million

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2005 Payroll:
$35.5 million