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Cruz hurting

In the comments of last night's game thread RATW mentioned that the Cruz-Fossum trade is turning out nicely for the Rays. While it appears that it was a very good trade regardless it looks even better for the Rays considering the problems Jose Cruz Jr. has had in Arizona so far. First he missed 27 games early in the season due to injury and now, according to today's Under the Knife (subscription required), his health is getting worse.

His bulging disks in his lower back are so bad that he is losing feeling in his leg at times. That certainly makes it difficult to play center field or hit for power. Surgery is likely the only cure to the problem, so Cruz is committed to playing as long as he can, much as Luis Gonzalez did last season with his elbow.


In other injury news, it's confirmed that Baldelli will have Tommy John surgery next week. The same article mentions that Brazelton will probably go to Double-A soon.