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Braves Young ones

Last year Nick Green was part of the young players the Braves brought up to deal with an outbreak of injuries. This year they are doing the same thing in blending their youth in.  They have guys up like Brian McCann, Kelly Johnson, and Kyle Davies among others. What I have been particularly impressed with has been the handling of one Kelly Johnson who replaced the dispatched Mondesi. This kid was wet between the ears and started off his major league career with a super funk. At one point his batting average was down to something like .035. The way the Braves handled it was something remarkable. They kept sending the young Johsnson out there despite his slump, and as they were locked in a pennant race. Their patience payed off as Kelly Johnson broke out of his early slump and he rewarded the Braves last night with a multi homer game.

One young Devil Ray team should take note of how this veteran manager Bobby Cox handled the early slump with this young player. They did not give up on him like they could of easily done. These Devil Ray future players like Upton and Gthwright were not handled as well last season. Lets hope these players get legitimate shots the way Kelly Johnson did to show that they are major league starters.