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Orvella has an admirer

"Orvella was impressive last night," Piniella said before Wednesday's game. "He had some poise, he threw strikes, he used his pitches. It was nice to see."


As for Orvella's role within the Tampa bullpen, Piniella seemed to change his mind mid-thought.

"He's going to pitch in the middle," Piniella said. "I don't know, seventh [inning]. ... You know what, I'd like the kid to take the setup role.

"We'll see. We've passed it around."

Tampa has tried five different pitchers as a setup man, and none has pitched well enough to claim the spot for keeps.

This is the ultimate. Seeing the home grown talent blow through the minor league system impressively and seize the opportunity. Its early now, but its  great to see!