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Losing getting to our Manager

I was listening to ESPN radio today and the host mentioned that at least in NFL, each team has a shot. That Piniella has gone to where not many a man would NOT go. Taking a stab at this potential rag to riches job.  So far its all rags.

Lou on Hendrickson

"What was I going to do with him?" Piniella yelled in reply. "What'd you want me to do with him? ... You've seen our bullpen. Our bullpen has not been in good shape. This guy at least gave us (five) innings. He did the best he could after he gave up runs."

Then Piniella apologized for being "huffy" in his word, telling the reporter that it gets frustrating losing all the time -- and answering the same questions.

Lou makes some questionable lineups as we have seen:

The skipper was also not pleased with his defense, as he went with a strange-looking lineup --Travis Lee playing first, Josh Phelps on the bench despite Oakland pitcher Barry Zito being a lefty, Alex Gonzalez in not Jorge Cantu who has been hitting better, Alex Sanchez also on the bench -- to supposedly help on defense. But there were bad plays abound that helped Oakland out. And Zito, off to a woeful start, became the second A's pitcher in a row who had only one win all season to cruise against Tampa Bay.

What would you do?