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Hudson Valley

I tend to follow alot of minor league play. Especially following the short season teams where you get to hear about the recent draft picks in action. Today was media day for the Hudson Valley Renegades. Hudson Valley usually gets most of the college drafted players. The roster has two highly touted Wades in Townsend and Davis, this years second round pick Mason, catcher Spring from last years team. Off the Renegades forum I just found the 2005 Roster:

Opening Day Roster 2005
Pitchers (17) No.
Bigda, Drew 28
Cobb, Matthew 6
Corporan, Willy 29
Davis, Wade 33
De Los Santos, Richard 37
Evers, William 34
Feldkamp, Derek 12
Fisher, Matt 13* (just arrived, # may change as Coach Bosman has 13)
Gil, Roberto 7
Kamrath, Jeffrey 32
Lopez, Romeno 41
Mason, Christopher 10
McGee, Jacob 21
Reinhard, Gregory 19
Townsend, Wade 44
Wagner, Nicholas 31
Walker, Aaron 29
Catchers (4)
Jamieson, Alex 18
Johnson, Joshua 48
Spring, Matt 35
Woodruff, Bud 25
Infielders (7)
Bouman, Robbie 20
Durante, Erix 3
Hughes, Rhyne (no typo) 9
Mathias, Ryder 26
Matthews, Bradley 5
Rainville, Michael 8
Rousseve, Brandon 22
Outfielders (5)
Cardone, David 27
Frias, Fernando 24
Groce, Edward 23
Hall, James 42
Kennedy, David 36